We are all the same, we all deserve joy!

A daily inclusive space for youth with disabilities that will ensure their socialization and reintegration into society is one of the initiatives submitted to the Community Investment Platform. With this initiative, entitled “We are all the same, we all deserve joy!”, the ethnic restaurant – Kaj Victor will work on educating the population and parents regarding people with disabilities and the general public about the daily challenges these people face. and their families. This space will apply to all persons with disabilities aged 7-30. The initiative will contribute to the socialization of people with disabilities, the acquisition of life skills, calmness and adaptation to social life, as well as the opportunity for their parents to join the program or use their free time to take care of their private or professional activities.

It is about an already established ethnic restaurant in the Southeast region that attracts tourists from the country and abroad. It is the tourists, apart from food and various types of activities that keep their attention and interest, that are looking for suitable accommodation where they can enjoy the nature of the region all day long, the opportunity to relax in the park by watching birds and have fun in the playground of this ethnic restaurant.

Since the restaurant is certified as an autism-friendly restaurant, visiting tourists have the opportunity to get to know people with special needs more closely and raise the level of awareness of people with autism. All that will contribute to easier acceptance of differences. The ethno restaurant does not have such facilities for overnight stays and therefore there is a need to refurbish the rooms from a country house into guest rooms. The total budget for the realization of this initiative is 330,000.00 denars, which will include a special education teacher, an educator, repro materials for workshops, food and drink.

In the region of Strumica, there are several institutions, organizations and public institutions that deal with solving this challenge by collecting data, mapping vulnerable categories, conducting workshops, trainings, fairs, youth parties, sports events and the like, such as the day center for persons with disabilities in Strumica, the regional office for social entrepreneurship within the project of the Center for Development of the South-Eastern Planning Region, several civil organizations that implement project activities and include persons with disabilities and persons from marginalized groups in their activities (TK Pokrov, Red Cross Strumica, Banja Bansko Rehabilitation Center, Mother Teresa Gevgelija Center, etc.), the republican center for supporting people with intellectual disabilities – PORAKA and the association for people with physical disabilities – MOBILOST.

this initiative will also lead to the engagement of the partner organizations Strumica Municipality, Bosilovo Municipality, the Regional Office for Social Entrepreneurship and local socially responsible companies whose owners have a person with special needs – a member of their family.

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Monthly budget for the initiative: 55,000 den

Special education teacher 16 hours x 700 days = 11,200 days
Educator 16 hours x 700 days = 11,200 days
Food and Beverage for the children = 16,000 per day
Repro materials for organizing workshops = 16,000 den
Costs for repromaterials to provide 1 meal and drinks each for persons with special needs and the escort, for the implementation of life skills training
10 people x 9 hours per week x 24 weeks (6 months) = to reach 3,000 hours available for people with special needs and their accompaniment
Price for one hour – 700 denars

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