Meeting with the members of the Steering Committee

On February 16, 2022 (Wednesday), a meeting with the members of the Steering Committee, within the Community Investment Platform project, was held in Skopje.

Part of this meeting were representatives from the public sector, Municipality of Debar and Municipality of Tetovo, representatives from the business sector, Dauti-Transportsped, Dauti Komerc and Lokalis Trejd, and also representatives from the civil sector, Foundation Albiz.

Besides the common topics of project activities and implementation, attention was paid to the Sub-granting program that will be published soon. This call is part of the Community Investment Platform and gives the NGO sector the opportunity to apply for financial support for an initiative focused on women and youth.

Everyone agreed that we must work on and support initiatives that will increase the awareness amongst young people that internships are not a waste of time, rather successful internships are the ticket to future employment within the company or another job. CIP will focus on initiatives by the civil sector that will support women’s entrepreneurship.

Stay tuned, awesome activities are coming!