Round table with the civil, business and public sector from Debar

On December 3, 2021, in Hotel Venec in Debar, a round table was held with local businesses, associations and institutions from Debar.

The meeting was also attended by members of Knauf and Slice who presented their community investment policies and gave some examples of investing and donating in cultural activities, sports, humanitarian, environmental actions, etc.

Dibra-Capa Spas also presented their programs and donations for community investment, support for cultural, sports, humanitarian activities, student scholarship programs and plans to open a special school for children.

All participants expressed their readiness to contribute to the implementation of this project by identifying the needs and problems, defining the priorities and taking concrete steps to address those problems and needs of the community. The municipality and the municipal council will be partners of this platform.

This activity was carried out within the “Community Investment Platform” project which is financially supported by the European Union and implemented by Albiz Foundation, in partnership with Multikultura, the Center for Sustainable Community Development and the Research and Analysis Center NOVUS.