Skopje Sub-Grant Winners Unite!

We are delighted to share the highlights of our recent meeting, which brought together our sub-grant winners from Skopje for a fruitful session focused on sharing experiences, lessons learned, overcoming obstacles, and sub-grant management presentations.

Meeting Recap:

Sharing Experiences: Our sub-grant winners from the first phase showcased their remarkable journeys, shedding light on their achievements, milestones, and valuable insights.

Lessons Learned and Obstacle Overcoming: Attendees were inspired by firsthand accounts of challenges faced and innovative solutions implemented, emphasizing the power of perseverance and creativity.

Sub-Grant Management: The discussion on sub-grant management delved into best practices, compliance, and resource utilization, providing a comprehensive understanding of this crucial aspect.

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Rrjeti i Grave në Shkencë – RRGSH, Moja Kariera, Asociacioni për Afirmimin e Gruas, Zdruzenie Flagelum, ZIP Institute, Horizon Civitas