Albiz Foundation: Renovation of the primary schools in the Municipality of Saraj

In 2017, the Albiz Foundation implemented the project “Renovation of primary schools in the Municipality of Saraj”. Within the project, parts of the following primary schools were renovated: PS “Dituria” – with its facilities in the village of Saraj, v. Grcec and v. Krushopek, PS “Drita” in the v. Rasce and v. Kopanica and PS “Sami Frasheri” in the v. Shishevo, PS “Bajram Shabani” in the v. Kondovo, PS “Ibe Palikukja” in the v. Bojane, and PS “Emin Duraku” with the facilities in the v. Bukovic and v. Arnakia.

The project was implemented with financial support from the following businesses: Alma-M, Baukop, Eftinija Impex, Adrijus, Fruct Import and JUS MB. Also, the Municipality of Saraj gave a significant support in the process of implementation of this project. The total budget of the project is MKD 10,516,500.00.

The repairs included: repaired and equipped toilets, exterior painting and front facade, repaired ceilings, roof replacement, repaired floors, replacement of windows and doors, etc.