Meeting with the civil sector from Strumica

On June 3, 2021 (Thursday), starting at 17:00 o’clock, in the premises of the Tiveriopol restaurant in Strumica, the first of many meetings and events was held that will follow with civil society organizations and businesses from Strumica within the “Community Investment Platform” project, which is implemented by the Foundation for Development of Education and Culture Albiz, in partnership with the Association Multikultura from Tetovo, the Center for Sustainable Community Development from Debar and the Center for Research and Analysis NOVUS from Strumica.

The event was used as an opportunity to present the project and the platform which is created following successful models implemented in our country and in the world in order to enhance the capacity of the local civil society organizations to build cross-sectoral initiatives aimed at socio-economic development of communities, as well as to strengthen the capacity for fundraising by the local communities through initiatives led by civil society organizations and public-private initiatives.